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Approximately one hundred gallons of water is used each day by each American at home. In the event of a leak or other plumbing issue, there is a great deal of potential danger lying within your walls. Don’t worry, I Rooters & Plumbing has you covered. Our many years of experience and expertise can eliminate any plumbing issue in a jiffy.
Here are some signs that might indicate the need for a plumber in San Francisco.

1. Slow Draining

Do you feel like you’re bathing in a paddling pool while you’re in the shower? Is the water in the sink so high that you can’t wash a dish without it getting to your elbows? A drainage problem may be to blame. If your plumbing is clogged up, there is a good chance of  several different things to cause it.
You can’t tell what’s caught in your pipes by peering down the dark drain. It may be anything, from children’s toys to kitchen waste to tiny critters. Clogs can be dislodged by plumbers using an instrument called an auger. Call I Rooter And Plumbing instead of wasting your time trying to unclog your pipes and risking damage to the interior of them.

2. Minimal Water Pressure

Do you have to stand in the shower for long just to wash the soap off of yourself? In most cases, low water pressure is to blame for the problem. Your water bill may go up if you’re standing there for a long time and still not getting clean. This wastes your time and money.
The faucet’s aerator is most likely clogged with some debris when this happens. Water won’t come out even if you crank the handle to the top. In such cases, it’s best to call a plumber near you. Otherwise, it’s possible to cause more harm to the faucet’s internals and perhaps cause leakage if you continue cranking the handle to get more water pressure

3. Colored Water

When you switch on the water, you should see clean clear potable water gushing out of the faucet. If that’s not the case, you probably have a plumbing issue. The presence of white or cloudy water indicates the presence of air in your plumbing system.
If your water appears brown, red, or yellow, it is likely due to rust in your pipes, which might be the result of local water main breaks or ancient pipes. Corrosion of the copper pipes is indicated by green or blue water. If any of these colors appear in your water instead of clear, you should immediately contact your plumber.

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Whether you’re experiencing clogged drains or if your water heater isn’t working, I Rooter & Plumbing  can help you with every kind of plumbing issue. Just call us at (415) 910-0068 or email us at info@irooterplumbing.info, and don’t wait before it’s too late.