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What Problems Can A Leaky Pipe Cause?

Leaky pipes are a nuisance. The continuous leakage affects water pressure and adds to monthly water bills. However, these are only minor annoyances compared to other problems caused by leaky pipes.

If you don’t address this plumbing problem on time, you may encounter health hazards and property damages. Read this guide to understand the types of issues attributed to leaky pipes.

Structural Damages

Your pipes mostly run above the ceiling or under the floorboards. The water leakage affects the structural integrity of your property.

Water escapes the pipes, damaging the wooden floorboards and causing wood warping. This leads to bumps and lumps in your floor, which ultimately deteriorate the wood.

If your pipes are above the ceiling, it can cause more damage. The escaping water weakens framing material and drywall.

There’s a risk of the roof collapsing. If you have a multiple-story home, you’re also risking the chances of your furniture and appliances falling through to cause potential injuries or damages.

If a leaky pipe runs behind your home’s walls, it can affect the wall paint. Your wall paint may come off or peel away.

Health Hazards

Aside from cosmetic and structural damages, leaky pipes also have several health risks. Let’s look at these in detail:

1. Respiratory Problems

Leaky pipes can contribute to a variety of ailments. A damp atmosphere leads to lung and throat irritation. It interferes with your ability to breathe properly. Leaky pipes make way for other microorganisms, which means you may be breathing in mold spores.

You’re also at the risk of developing respiratory problems and illnesses like flu and cold. Leaky pipes can expose you to fungi, causing coughing, wheezing, and congestion. This can lead to more serious problems like lower and upper respiratory infections.

2. Mold, Asbestos, and Fungal Infestations

Unchecked pipe leaks affect water quality, resulting in stagnant water and wet spots. Eventually, your home will become an ideal habitat for microorganisms such as mildew, fungi, and mold. These microorganisms thrive in a moisture-rich atmosphere.

Water leaks can cause asbestos exposure, and the fungal infestation can pollute the quality of air in the house. If your leaky pipes are unchecked for a long time, you increase your risk of breathing and being exposed to pollutants.

If you have children and older adults at home, you may compromise their health unknowingly. It’s best to get leaky pipes repaired to avoid these problems.

Immediate Repair Solution to leaking Pipe in San Francisco

You can prevent serious damage and health hazards if you detect leaky pipes. You can easily identify some leaks, such as discolored spots, drips under the toilet or sinks, dampness on the wall, or puddles. Any wet areas on the floor that seem colder or warmer than normal are also a red flag.

However, some leaks are undetectable and can skyrocket your water bills. You can hire professional plumbers in San Francisco for a thorough examination.

We offer leaking pipe repair services and gas line repair services to prevent increasing utility costs. Schedule an appointment today!